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In the midst of my excitement about the veryverysoontobe finishing of my shawl, I’ve also been slowly easing myself deeper into a sewing project this past week. I mentioned this doll dress project once last month but had not had much opportunity (the space requirements of any sewing project being what they are) to do anything but the most basic preliminaries since.

Until last weekend. A rare four-hour block of pretty much uninterrupted time let me get a bunch of the fabric cutting done as well as planning out a bunch of little tweaks that should add up to making the very same pattern produce two very different finishes. Both dresses will have the same red velvety-looking (but not actually velvet) fabric as the main material.


Then one gets a matching red satiny (but not actually satin…are you sensing a theme here?) fabric for details, while the other gets a light blue.



There’s a story to the fabric. The main fabric is new, ordered just for this project. So is the satin detail fabric. But everything else, including the blue fabric and all trims for both dresses, is from a bag of donated materials and scraps saved from the previous mechanical doll dress project. Leftovers–this is totally my kind of project!

One unexpected trim option I found in the depths of that donation bag: sequins! The kids helped me sort out two specific shapes and colors from a big mixed-up bag of them. Talk about tedious and messy tasks–but I’m excited to use them. These select sequins will go very nicely with the dress that will have the contrasting blue fabric.


Also from the donation bag: plenty of a rich-looking tapestry-like trim that unfortunately I forgot to photograph yet. Anyhow, there’s no chance at all of running out of this trim before the project is finished, which is always a fear when I work with bits and pieces. I am very pleased to know I will not be scrambling for last-minute fix on that particular front.

So, this weekend: With all the planning and cutting and sorting and iron-on interfacings behind me, I get to do the first few bits of actual sewing. With a little luck, I’ll get four sleeves and two hip swags (not sure what else to call these detail pieces…anyone?) seamed and trimmed, plus a bunch of the pinning for other pieces. I will be away from home and working a hefty portion of the weekend, but still, with the about two hours I figure I can get the dining room table to myself tomorrow, I’ll be very satisfied if I accomplish that.

What are YOUR weekend plans? Anything on your sewing machine’s agenda?

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