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Two out of three heads are warm

I finished and gave away that pair of colorwork hats!

You may have gotten a look at the first of those two hats the last time I posted. Here’s a better view of that one now that it’s done…



…and then the second hat of the pair: same six total colors but with the two main colors reversed. Also, because the second hat is a slightly smaller size, the color pattern is different.



I really enjoyed making both of these hats. Charting to match a specific number of stitches is such a precise challenge. Knitting the colorwork section of each hat was a tightly focused bit of concentration and brainwork, while beginning and ending each one with solid color provided leisurely warm-up and cool-down stitching. As always, the finishing (colorwork = loose ends…so many ends!) was kind of a drag, but even that went by quickly enough not to be a problem.

Yes, I will do colorwork again!

Even as I say that, I have to admit my other colorwork project this fall was unsuccessful. In between those two good hats, I’d also started a little-girl hat for my niece. I got the knitting done, but I was not pleased with it.


See that slight puckering inside each heart? That’s because my floats are sometimes too long (as much as 4 stitches) and tight, and sometimes angled in reverse (because I kept forgetting to switch the twist direction on the purl rows). I suspect those reversed twists are also the reason a handful of the single-stitch pink spots are not the right shape.

While the wrong side of the other two, much more complex hats came out almost as neat and pretty as the right side, the wrong side of this one just kind of looks like a wrong side. Slightly untidy. Lacking.

Anyhow, after throwing the girl hat aside and discovering every time I picked it up again to think about seaming that yes, the result really was as disappointing as I remembered, I figured the best option was just to forget the seam. Rip and start over. And as I’d already ripped and started over five times on this project, I have not proceeded beyond merely ripping this time around.

I do want to do it again, and do it right. But that’s not a today priority. Actually, it sounds like a goal for next week. A new year, new-again project kind of goal!

Oh, one more stitch story, sort of. I read the first book of a knitting-themed series I’ve seen craft bloggers mention from time to time.img_3317

It was what I think of as a “dessert” book–no solid nutrition, just a little sweetness to top off a day. I doubt I’ll remember the story or characters for the long term, but it was a pleasant way to wind down before bed these past few nights. And look at that cover art. It just belongs on this kind of a blog, doesn’t it?

And then I went back to The Foxfire Book, which I’d been reading in February-ish until a rush of library reserves started arriving that I had to read NOW because they were coming up for book club. By the time those were done, I’d forgotten about not finishing Foxfire yet. I’m between book club selections again now, and wouldn’t you know, I got volume 2 of Foxfire for Christmas. It’s definitely time to finish the first volume before I crack the next one!

So tell me, what’s new (or newly finished) in YOUR work basket or bookshelf?

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