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The answer to finished squares: More squares!

The whole time I was finishing up the border on my three-years-in-the-making granny square baby blanket, in the back of my mind I was thinking, I should do this again but with a girl blanket in mind. Because pretty as it is, that long-time blanket is definitely boy-oriented.

You can guess the rest. A new, girlier version of about the same dimensions is now in the works.


The challenges are a little different this time. Going in, I have perhaps half of the baby yarn I did when I started the first one, and many of those are much smaller balls now. I didn’t want to sacrifice any more inches than necessary to stops and starts and the extra weaving-in room that they require, so I did each of the first bunch of squares with all four rounds the same continuous color.

Then, I felt obligated to use up the even tinier bits left after that. So the next bunch of squares–what I have in progress now–is a polka-dot of color within a white square. With this pattern, I was able to use up precisely all of the peach, the gentler of the two pinks, and the soft gold.


Which leaves me with that other pink. The one in the shade that defies description. The one that is so much more plentiful and I feel compelled to use because like all the others, it was a part of Tillie’s stash, which has such sentimental value to me. It’s also a nice feeling, easy to handle, yet washable yarn that would be a shame to exclude simply because the color isn’t something I, personally, would choose.

But here’s another wonderful thing about granny squares: They invite mixing and matching. And even this pink that I find noxious on its own…well, it just isn’t objectionable when tempered by a surrounding color. It’s like some people I know, I guess. It improves when taken not in isolation but as part of a group.


What about you? What are your favorite ways to use up a yarn that you don’t personally like but that ended up in your possession?

…and now that my hands are busy with (late) lunch instead of a crochet hook, I’m heading over to Ginny’s and Nicole’s to peek at other people’s projects-in-progress. See you there!

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