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Zany stocking cap

Last week’s project, a stocking cap, was something I did at someone’s request with some yarn that she’d already bought. I used a pattern I found in one of Auntie’s old knitting books. It’s a sensible design that’s simple enough I was able to hold conversations, help with homework, watch […]

Brilliant hat

Here’s another project that kept me busy during my month-long blog absence. I’ve blogged about Grandmother’s hat pattern before. It’s straightforward, simple even for a klutzy, inexperienced knitter (me), and gives solid, predictable, warm-but-not-too-bulky results. The only change I made this time was in width. The recipient (another animatronic penguin) […]

…for the birds, Part 3 (and final)

And here’s the last penguin winter set! The yarn is Red Heart’s “Peruvian Print.” I received a full skein as part of a gift a few months back but wasn’t sure what to do with it. It’s an interesting and unexpected color combination. I envisioned using it to crochet a […]

…for the birds, Part 2

The second set of penguin winter wear is finished! IMO the best thing about this set is the yarn. I like lists, so three reasons this yarn is so fun: 1) All three colors are Caron. I like Caron acrylics because they are easy-care, wear well, and are reasonably priced, […]

This knitting is for the birds

A few weeks ago I mentioned the annual public Christmas/winter display my husband’s employer does. The new chef’s hat was my first ever contribution to his department’s clean-and-repair-before-the-show effort. Here’s my second: a winter knit set. I know those proportions–especially the mittens–look strange. That’s because they’re not for a person, […]

A winter hat NOW? and a few others

I find I’m still trying to console myself after my pattern-sizing failure. Mostly I’ve been doing that by completing other planned projects. Here are a couple that I’ve finished (or started and finished) over the last few weeks. This hat is a case of my finishing something someone else started. […]

Toasty toes

Here’s last weekend’s project. Knitted slippers! I made them for my mom, who recently had foot surgery. (Oww. I can hardly even think about that without cringing.) Besides the pretty variegated yarn–the color name is “Fiesta Jewels,” ole!–this project was fun because it’s brand new but already has a history. […]

Variegated variations

Variegated yarn doesn’t always look like I think it will once it’s worked. Witness these two dishcloths: The first yarn, I loved as soon as I saw it. I was imagining the knitted piece would run from one color to the next much more quickly than it did, though. Instead […]

A sample of the stash

I already had a healthy (or is that unhealthy) stash multiplying in my closet, dribbling out of drawers, and sneaking out over the edges of my workbasket when my mom called. Tillie, a dear friend of my grandma’s, had died. Tillie’s husband emptied Tillie’s closet and passed along to my […]

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