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Remember last week’s newly resuscitated interest in my long-languishing scrap granny square project? Here’s where I am now.


I have 40 squares. They’re happy, pretty squares, too. And when I line them all up and figure in a little extra for joining and a border, it seems to be plenty.P1040448

Unfortunately, I’ve been ignoring what I learned with previous many-colored projects, that a big load of finishing is my greatest motivation killer. And I have not been finishing the ends along the way. Those four squares in the second photo, the ones outside the bag? They’re the only ones I’ve woven yet. (True, I didn’t snip the excess yarn afterward, but I swear, I really have woven those four.)

Every one of the other 36 little stinkers has no finishing yet at all.

And so, I stray. I’ve found a few minutes to pick up a different project-in-progress. The first of my pair of man’s gloves how has both a thumb and…an index finger! I’m still endlessly fascinated by how this pattern works. So fun to watch these take shape.


(Like that lack of staging? Pretty much my whole downstairs was like this last night–a jumble of kids’ school papers, assorted instructions, books left open, and unfinished projects. It’s a mess for sure, but it’s generally a happy kind of mess.)

Even as I’m making the slowest of progress on those projects, I’m getting excited (and distracted) by others in progress as well as others to come. The newest: Cami at Crochet Spot has put together an Oscar night mystery crochet-along that sounds like just too much fun, and naturally I’ve decided to join in.

Now I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t give a fig for the Oscars. Truth be told, I haven’t even seen any of the movies up for awards. I’m sort of hopelessly square about current pop culture. Heck, if the nominated actors showed up on my doorstep, I probably wouldn’t even recognize them. But I love the idea that the pattern depends on so many unknowns. And, of course, it’s a crochet-along, so there’s that whole FABULOUS shared community activity thing going on.

Still, with so many other projects in the works already, I decided I’d better make my Oscar cowl as quick and simple as possible–which means nice, fat yarn. Wouldn’t you know, I have some perfect yarn right here in my closet.


The big new balls are Rowan 100% merino wool, and I had no plans whatsoever in mind when I lucked into these last two balls at rock-bottom clearance a few years ago. It’s a dusky browny-purple shade called “mulberry” that, try as I might, I’ve found impossible to catch accurately in a photo. But I like it a lot!

The contrast yarn is the only other fat yarn I have on hand right now, some leftover Lion Brand Hometown in the color “Kansas City wheat.” Fortunately it complements that Rowan main color very nicely. Looks Oscar worthy to me!

Knit or crochet or sewing or otherwise, what craftiness is keeping you busy (or, if you’re like me, distracting you)  lately? Drop a comment below!

Then check out what crafting is occupying others, too, at Nicole’s weekly link party.

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