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Slowed progress, and a new start

I’ve come to an unexpected stop (again) on my cardigan. I lined up the sleeves and discovered that they are different in width. See?


The thing is, I can’t figure out why they aren’t equal. Although I threatened to, I never did switch to a different size hook. I’ve counted stitches and rounds on both sleeves and have found no difference. And call it ego, but I just can’t imagine that, with 15+ years of crochet history behind me, I really can be having that dramatic a problem with maintaining consistent tension.

I figured I’d set the sweater aside and let this mystery percolate slowly in the back of my mind, which is generally what I do when I can’t solve something in real time. It usually works. So far, though, a week and a half later, I haven’t had any lightning-bolt revelations. So, the sweater remains on hold for the moment.


Meantime, the reading is not on hold. This is the third book I’ve been on since my last post. Like the two books before it (Sue Grafton’s X and Cynthia Swanson’s The Bookseller), this is flying by.

It’s not stitches, but I guess all those pages mean I’m accomplishing something lately.

Oh, I do have a new sewing project just barely beginning, too. I’ll be making two more doll dresses similar to the one I did a couple years ago for our local Christmas display. Right now I’m in the most preliminary phase. I’ve taken one of the old, deteriorated dresses apart and washed the pieces so I can use them to re-draw a pattern.


The old velvet and satin fabrics are in pretty bad shape–unevenly faded, a few holes, and even scorching from when the doll’s motor overheated–but I think I may be able to salvage and reuse some of the lace trim from this one’s hem and neckline.


Unlike with the last doll dress, I have the luxury of six full months to get this pair done, so don’t be surprised if today’s pictures are the last you see of this project for a while. I’m pacing myself.

Joining Ginny’s weekly Yarn Along again to see what others are up to. Check out all the pretty projects!

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  1. pacing….that’s the key to life!!!! 🙂 (Sometimes it takes me YEARS to figure out a problem….but, like you…I let it set in time out and let IT also think about why it’s causing me problems. hee hee….sometimes it’s solution is simply ‘rip me out’. Hope yours doesn’t come to that!!!)

    1. “Let it think about why it’s causing me problems”–you got me, Steph. I’m laughing out loud!! I’m thinking I most like will frog the whole sleeve and try again. Disappointing, but it definitely would beat finishing it that way and wearing a lopsided sweater.

  2. I can’t help you with the crochet since my crocheting abilities are limited to granny squares but I am a Jennifer Weiner fan. I haven’t read Best Friends Forever yet. It’s buried somewhere deep within my Kindle. Maybe I’ll have to move it into the “next” slot.

    1. I have to be honest, Jeannie, that in the book turned out just a little predictable in the end. But I had a great time getting there–even a handful of Jennifer Weiner-signature belly laughs while reading. She’s just a fun read.

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