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Projects lately (and before)

I knew it had been a while, but I was surprised to see my last post was September. It has certainly been a distractingly busy four months!

I’ve long since lost track of just how many things I’ve completed in that time. Seems I have time for stitches but not for taking pictures of them, much less writing and posting to share. Oh well–it is what it is. An incomplete and random assortment

A passel of dishcloths

I only took pictures of a few of the many finished since September. Some are knit, some crochet, and all were delightful to make. Besides being a satisfying “quick fix” project, I think what I like most about a handmade dishcloth is that it puts care and color and joy into a mundane household chore.

Please pardon the poor lighting and the poor color that resulted from it….

CLEARLY my old dishcloths were way overdue for replacement. Whew!

I give dishcloths away with Christmas gifts also, and I have a relative who alwyas declines to use them to wash dishes. “They’re too pretty to get dirty,” she says, and so she uses them as hot pads or extra-heavy doilies instead. That’s fine by me since they’re still useful and practical, which is what a dishcloth should be. But to my mind, using something pretty to do a greasy or dirty job is slightly comical–and that kind of irony doubles the satisfaction of scrubbing with them!

A shawl

I posted about this once before, half of a two-piece gift for a recent retiree who will be spending some of her new free time traveling. The ability to quickly adjust one’s clothing to the local weather is the beauty of a shawl.

The second piece–a coordinating short-sleeve top to go under the shawl–is still in the planning stages. With apologies to the recipient.

Three complete Halloween costumes

…and not a photo of a single one of them. But I have to mention them since Halloween is just about the only occasion I take the time and effort to break out the sewing machine (and the enormous space it consumes while in use) for a complete construction project. I do plenty of quick machine mending all year long, but to my mind that doesn’t count like new construction does. Anyway. Done, done, and done!

Some Mitten Tree items

My church did an outerwear drive for the local homeless shelter again this year. I only managed to get three items complete before the deadline (and only took pictures of two of those), but they’re good ones–very soft and warm, and the colors of all would be appropriate for either a man or a woman.

Garter stitch and bulky yarn = maximum loft. It’s just acrylic, but it feels so luxurious!

Didn’t you hear? The Minions have a new career in modeling.

…and a return to an old UFO

This crocheted cardigan is not a difficult or objectionable pattern in any way. I just have no endurance! I run out of steam when faced with miles (seemingly) of the same stitch over and over. But finally in the past two weeks I have completed the second sleeve,

and the collar,

and begun the button bands on this long-neglected cardigan. No promises it’s on the fast-track now, but the light at the end has begun to gleam. Eventually, some year or other, I actually will be wearing this sweater!

I am looking forward to some stitching this evening. I wish you some free time to cozy up to your projects too, fellow crafters!

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