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The plarn solution

Recycling is funny. Even if you WANT to do it, even if you feel guilty NOT doing it, it’s not always such an easy thing. At my community drop site, pretty much all paper, cardboard, and metal are accepted, but plastic comes with extra rules. Only #1 and #2 plastics […]

Toasty toes

Here’s last weekend’s project. Knitted slippers! I made them for my mom, who recently had foot surgery. (Oww. I can hardly even think about that without cringing.) Besides the pretty variegated yarn–the color name is “Fiesta Jewels,” ole!–this project was fun because it’s brand new but already has a history. […]

Just for fun scarf

It’s nearly April, but we are still having winter conditions for the area here. So I’m finding it not strange at all to be thinking up new patterns for cool-weather clothing. Last week, I decided I wanted to do something fun and kind of quirky. Maybe a little more three-dimensional […]

A new medium!

A few months back, someone in my Freecycle group offered a big supply of buttons and an educational DVD. When I picked them up, I discovered she’d tucked some miscellaneous craft supplies in the bag, too, including two full skeins of yarn, pattern-cutting papercraft scissors, and a lap loom. Happy […]

Doll blanket

The longer I looked at the doll blanket I’d crocheted, the better I liked it. It turned out prettier than I’d expected. I’d worked out this upside-down, open offset-shell pattern primarily because it would be quick to make, but really, this pattern would produce an afghan that’s reasonably warm if […]

Tiny fun

While I was sitting on the couch knitting, my little girl sat down next to me with her favorite doll. She asked what I was making (a scarf), then took the finished end of it and wrapped it around the doll. “Not a scarf, a blanket,” she said. “Does she […]

Kitchen scrubby

Here’s one of my most frequent Hardworking projects: the kitchen pot scrubby. (Works great for a bathtub, too!) It’s made of scrap acrylic yarn and the nylon mesh that’s used to bag those fruits and vegetables you buy in quantity rather than individually.         Cutting the mesh […]

Squeaky clean

It’s mostly been a slow Saturday around here, so a perfectly easy and quick project is all I managed. Well, said project 10 times. But at under 10 minutes each (probably more like 7), I’m not going to break any hard work records today. No matter. I love these little […]

Variegated variations

Variegated yarn doesn’t always look like I think it will once it’s worked. Witness these two dishcloths: The first yarn, I loved as soon as I saw it. I was imagining the knitted piece would run from one color to the next much more quickly than it did, though. Instead […]

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