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It has been a hair-pulling kind of week around here. Of the four projects I’m currently working on, two are coming along mostly okay, one has had delays not of my making, and another is just not going anywhere yet. Then I got some poor feedback from one of last week’s projects (again, over problems not of my making and not in my power to prevent, but since my name is the only one that got publicly attached to it, it’s my fault).

Ugh. It sure didn’t take long for my pleasure over finishing that second doll dress to dissipate, did it?

It’s nice to work on something that will affect no one but me and has a possibility of actually making me smile, so I’ve decided on a new-but-quick sewing project using this fabric:


Now if a person can’t smile about cartoon frogs leaping into a pond, there’s just no hope at all!

Only one glitch in the works here. I have the perfect pattern in mind, but I can’t seem to find the book it’s in. I distinctly recall putting the book away in a new spot last time and thinking, “Oh, why did I never put this here before? It makes so much more sense!” But for the life of me, I can’t remember now where that miracle spot was….

Between search sessions, I’m still enjoying my current book club pick, too. As long as I always have something to read, life can’t be all confusion and disappointment.


(The fabric colors are much more true in this shot. Incandescent versus fluorescent lighting–ahh!)

Until that lightning bolt illuminates my tangled storage memory, I’m going to wander over to Nicole’s and Ginny’s to see what others are making. Join me?

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