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Loose ends

I’ve missed my little craft blog world these past (yikes) six weeks. I’m glad to be here today!

Last time I posted, I had a lot of loose ends lying around. I’m happy to share that a bunch of those danglers are now tied up!

Those gloves I was knitting for my husband? I hit a productive streak and figured I’d be finishing them up about 5 weekends ago. Alas, upon completing the pieces and lining them up to seam, I realized I’d inadvertently skipped two short decrease rows, not just on one finger but on every finger of one glove.

P1040515Unfortunately, I’d left myself enough of a yarn tail to seam, not to add two rows per finger and then seam. So of course recovering those missing rows meant picking up new yarn and adding yet more tails that would need to be finished off later. This is the mess of ends for each glove that I had by the time I was ready to begin that final finishing (minus the white one–that’s just a lifeline I forgot to pull pre-photo):


So, Loose Ends #1 is done. Don’t they look so much nicer without all that fringe?


(Aside: I felt like I’d won the jackpot when The Husband tried them on and…they actually fit! Sizing was a real gamble with gloves done flat rather than in the round.)

Another batch of loose ends awaited in those future-baby-blanket granny squares I keep bringing up.

Yawn, 40 3-yarn squares to weave in…but luckily, Past Me apparently had a lot more foresight than Present Me. I discovered she had actually woven in ends along the way on a good many of those early squares. Suddenly having a dozen more sorted into the finished pile right at the beginning was a great motivator.


These blocks have the four colors that occur most frequently throughout the squares:


And so Loose Ends #2 is done now, too.

(Aside: In what pattern, with which join stitch, and when to assemble those squares are entirely different matters. For now, it’s enough that those finished squares are neatly tail-free.)

Finally, this one’s not a literal loose end, but still. Unfinished business is unfinished business. Last month I gushed and fidgeted and waited impatiently to begin the Oscar Mystery Cowl Crochet Along. I had my yarn picked out and everything. But when the pattern was revealed, I just didn’t love how my yarn looked in crochet.

P1040854It’s wonderful yarn, and I found it completely deflating not to like what I was stitching. The more I looked at it, the more I was convinced this yarn was destined for knit, not crochet

P1040450So I abandoned the whole Mystery Cowl idea.

I nearly re-stashed the yarn and walked away, but then we had a couple days of hard, cold weather. Every time I dressed to leave, I was reminded what a poor fit my present winter cap is. It’s crocheted from the lovely Addison Hat pattern. I’ve gotten about seven years out of it, but it’s made of a yarn I bought in my early crochet days before I knew how to recognize poor quality acrylic. It’s a beautiful color but stretches terribly.

P1050370I’d unraveled the hat and re-crocheted it tighter maybe three years ago, but that yarn just insists on stretching, and the hat’s all kinds of loose and misshapen (and thus not very warm) again.

Bingo. I don’t need a new cowl. I need a new HAT.

So all my craft energy since then has been spent on turning that former prospective-crochet-cowl yarn into a knitted hat instead. I found a cable I liked in my trusty 1940s craft book, but it was just a flat stitch sample, not a hat pattern. It took me two weekends of swatching and counting and measuring and ripping and changing needle sizes. But I’m finally working on what will become the actual hat. Here’s where it is so far–body done, and about to begin decreasing to the top.

This photo gives a nice look at the cable…

P1050341while this one is a much more accurate look at the color. It’s ridiculously hard to capture!


So, I guess Loose End #3 is well underway.

(Aside: And given the week’s forecast, it looks like I’ll have my toasty new wool hat done just in time for the weather to begin warming in earnest. Figures!)

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