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It’s finished! (mostly)

I’d thought my weekend plans would include some stitching on several different projects, but as it turned out, I got on a roll with just one and…ta-da!



Now obviously these are not final photos. I still have ends to weave in, and this beast still needs a good hard blocking before all that edging will really show itself. I’m hoping it’ll gain an inch or two once it’s stretched taut, too. Right now it’s just shy of reaching my elbows when I put it on. But, I’m perfectly pleased with how the pattern worked with my choice of yarn since it’s nothing like any of the recommended ones.


I’m also pretty happy with the tiny leftovers. Once I started the final ball of yarn, I also started debating how many more plain rows to do before beginning the edging. I finally settled on three, and it turns out to have been the right choice. There’s definitely not enough yarn left to have put another full row in. (Also, not enough left to have a crisis over returning it to the stash. There’s enough to be a fancy lacy edging on a hat, or it’ll be a couple of bookmarks. Period.)


When to block is a bigger problem. The last time I blocked MC was these bookmarks two years ago. Small and fine as they are, it took a full two days for them to mostly air dry, and then I still had to hover a hot iron over them to finish the job. But I don’t have a space in my house big enough to stretch out a whole shawl–here’s the catch–and trust it will remain undisturbed there by cat and small children alike for a minimum of 2 days.

I guess I have some time to work on a few other projects while I think that one out. Can’t say I’m sorry with that alternative.

Make any big craft progress this weekend? Do tell!

Then check out others’ current makes with Nicole at Frontier Dreams.

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