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It’s done, just not how I expected.

I finished my Reyna shawl!




It used a full skein of black and a partial ball of fuchsia, both pulled from Tillie’s stash. I ran out of the black long before I ran out of instructions,


but that’s part of what I like about this pattern. You stop when you need to, and the stitching looks fantastic just the same. (I did take some liberties with row and stitch counts in order to make the pink stripes center the way I imagined they should, too.)

I like that the stripes are almost exactly the same shade of pink as my blooming crape myrtle. This finish was accidentally, perfectly timed for July!


Tillie’s stash is a real grab-bag of old and newer lines and content. The pink had no label, but the label on the black was intact:


I have no idea how old this yarn is, but from what little I’ve found online, I gather “wintuk” of any brand has been either discontinued or going by other names for ages. “Wintuk” of the 3-ply sock weight variety didn’t show up at all on any online source I tried. I could be wrong, but I assume that means it’s even older.

Anyhow. The point is, this yarn is old enough that my chances of having any prior experience with it were nil. I admit, I say this in an attempt to excuse myself for not expecting what happened next. It wasn’t until I’d actually finished off the last stitch that I flipped the label inside-out and saw these instructions:


It can’t mean what I think it does, I thought. It can’t possibly be designed to shrink when it dries. And so I washed and stretched and straightened and pinned, and the shawl opened out and looked great! But the next morning, when it was all dry, I found a piece that had shrunk back so dramatically that it actually pulled free of some of the pins I’d blocked with.

So, the resulting shawl is really pretty. I love the simplicity and flexibility of the Reyna pattern, and I like how the extra color stripes gave the design another dimension. I like how the black and dark pink play together, too.

But it’s so small, I can’t wear it as a shawl. It’s more of a kerchief on a human adult.

Fortunately, there’s a very petite 5-year-old girl in this household who thinks it’s awesome and did not hesitate to wrap it around her narrow little shoulders She even has a sundress that matches the pink exactly.

So I can’t be too disappointed. This finish was just a win of a different kind!

What was your favorite “accidental” gift project? Stories and photo links are welcome!

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