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I got my new year off right…

…in terms of stitching. Just not in terms of blogging. 🙂 Before another month goes by, here’s one of the projects I’ve been busy with in the past few weeks: my take on Morale Fiber’s Scrappy Granny Shawl pattern.

Actually, that finish ended up being a cliffhanger ending followed by a sequel.

I’d started out following Regina’s pattern exactly–it’s so simple and yet clever. The increases happen not just at the center line but also on each end of the row, giving the shawl a slight V shape instead of a flat-topped triangle. That means it’s fitted–it hugs the neck-shoulder curve instead of slipping down your back–yay!!

Alas, the pattern calls for 29 rows, but since I’d used up my chosen yarn leftovers at 24 rows, I just slapped on the border there (sans picot) and called it done. I even took some official finish photos at that point…



But then I wore the shawl and was completely disappointed. There just wasn’t enough length or weight to make it hang right. I spent the first two hours at work that day being mildly irritated and pulling it back into place. It kept squishing up onto my neck into more of a scarf–pretty, yes, but not warm on my shoulders and upper arms. At all. I finally just took it off.

So when I got home, I gritted my teeth and removed (sob!) the scalloped border row. A second run through my supplies turned up a few more leftovers that kind-of-sort-of fit with the gray-green color scheme I’d already used.

It was a bit of a gamble. My Volume I yarns were all the same brand and line, hence matching content and nearly identical weight. The Volume II bunch was a mix of thinner, fatter, knit-type, needlepoint-type, smoother, rougher, woolier, synthetic-er “other.” Making them cooperate required switching hook sizes when I switched between colors, and there were oh-so-many more ends to work in afterward since at least a dozen lengths from the second bunch of scraps were less than 2 yards each.

The mixed-yarn gamble paid off, though. At 31 rows + border, the shawl is big and warm and drapey and I just love wrapping up in it. (Oh, and I put the picot into the border this time–with or without the optional fringe, I do like the shape of the picoted border better than my previous rounded one.)

I’m pleased with how it all worked out in the end, and I was motivated enough not to take a break between projects. I’ve been at work on two other crochet pieces since then–stories for another day.

How goes your crafting lately?

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