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How this blog works

The blog on Hardworking Handmade is divided into several major categories.

1) Hardworking Handmade Item
This post category is where I share the things I’ve made, particularly if I liked the result enough to make it again, out of leftovers and other found materials. Often (though not always), Hardworking Handmade items are utilitarian in nature.  🙂

2) Regular Project
This post category is where you’ll find the more planned projects in my workbasket. You know, the things where you find a pattern for just the right gift, or have an idea, then buy just the right new materials to make that dream happen.

Regular projects are fun, but they’re also much of a crafter’s stash originates. They are sort of like the parents and grandparents of everything in the Hardworking Handmade category!

3) Found MaterialThis is all about supplies–from leftover to inherited to things that get plucked from the recycling bin.

4) Pattern
Well, I guess that’s pretty self-explanatory! I may link to other people’s patterns occasionally along the way, but only my own will be posted in detail on this site. I respectfully request you use my patterns only for yourself or for gifts…please don’t sell anything you make from my patterns or sell the patterns themselves. And if you like what you get when you use my pattern, I’d love if you share the link back to me.

Right now, the plan is that pretty much everything else I post here will  be “uncategorized.” Uncategorized posts may include favorite links, ponderings, tips, reader stories, etc.

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A wife and mom, a worker bee, a churchwoman, a reader, and a crafter. What more is there to know? :)

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