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Hooks and needles and (yay!) a little progress

As I promised myself last week, I did finish off both the dishcloth and the market bag over the past few days. I’m pretty pleased with the results and was even more pleased to have taken a couple of UFOs off my very long list of them.

How about putting some more effort into that list, I thought.

And so I picked up again a shawl that I’d started early last summer, or maybe it was late spring. Whatever–it’s a project worth returning to, for sure.

P1040288I absolutely love the color. This thread exactly coordinates with the fabric for a dress in my to-sew pile. I love the crochet pattern, too (it’s Doris Chan’s All Shawl)–a very plain main body with a knockout lacy edging that will take it from “yeah” to “WOW.” And I love the feel of it so far. It’s cotton thread, which I wanted because this is intended to go with a transition-season sleeveless dress. The thread makes a fabric that drapes like water–it’s just elegant and lovely and I know I will wear it forever once I finally get finished working it.

Ah, there’s the rub. I have to finish. But that beautiful mercerized cotton is slippery and not so easy to work with. I don’t dare take my eyes off it. Even as rough and chapped as my hands are, I have no friction against this thread. I look away and drop the thread, and just like that–whoosh–out come a stitch or two in the instant before I catch it again.

Of course that slipperiness makes the thread kind of a pain in the wrists, too, which is why I’ve been working in such tiny increments for all these months. Here’s the shawl with my current read, which gives a bit of an idea of scale. In truth, I really haven’t gotten all that far….

P1040298In the interest of getting this shawl done before summer, I promised myself yesterday that I would not pick up any other project until I’d either completed another two full rows, or run out of my second ball of thread and had to break into this new ball, whichever came first.

It took nearly two hours, but I did. (Whew.)

P1040297I still love the drape and the color, but my wrists need a break again.

Meantime, I figured I’d earned a (small and practical) reward for following through. I cast on a knit dishcloth–in mercifully worsted-weight, ordinary finish cotton.

Wouldn’t you know, I didn’t get too far on that, either.

The victim:

P1040301The culprit:

P1040304He looks perfectly innocent. Don’t believe it.

Anyone else on a cotton kick? What are YOU working on?

Joining with Nicole and Ginny–go check out everyone’s projects!

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  1. I love working with cotton! I’ve been on an amigurumi kick lately (using Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton) but I’ve recently gotten my hands on some lovely fingering weight 100% cotton (of course you have to order it from overseas and I’m in the U.S.)

    Love your shawl. What brand and size is the cotton you are using? And sorry to be nosey – but where did you get it?

    1. Hi Nancy! Amigurumi–now that’s addictive. I did a bunch of them a couple years back and then swore off because I wasn’t getting anything else done. 🙂

      I bet that fingering weight cotton is a dream! I have a couple patterns saved that call for fingering, but it’s one of those things my nearby (big box) stores just don’t stock. I keep looking, but as far as I know, we have no small, independent yarn stores here.

      You’re not nosy at all! My shawl is in Paton’s Grace, #5 thread, which I got at Michael’s. Let me tell you–I tossed that bin from top to bottom before I was able to come up with 4 balls all of the same dye lot! 4 was the best I could do in that deep navy color. According to the pattern, I probably actually need 5 or 6 balls, so we’ll see just how much I have to fudge to make this thread work.

      I’m clicking over to check out your blog now–glad you stopped in!

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