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Hats off to charity

DSCN4605My preschooler’s class had a Mitten Tree project again this year. This was a perfect opportunity to put some of my overstock of yarn to good use. I had a lot of fun with these crocheted hats!

As with last year’s mitten tree, these hats were strongly influenced by my grandma’s good friend, Tillie, whose copious crafting stash I inherited two years ago.

Two of the hats were actually crocheted who-knows-how-many years ago by Tillie herself–at least, the rectangles that form the main bodies of the hats were. All I did to finish them was add a seam and a pompom, then fold up a cuff.


DSCN4604I think Tillie would have been very pleased to know her work was going to someone who might be very, very cold without it.

For another three hats, I did the crocheting myself but used Tillie’s yarn. The first, from a super-soft, fluffy, easy-care variegated yarn, is sized for an older infant.

DSCN4610These next two were a whole different kind of fun. I loved planning out the stripe patterns. This one’s sized about about right for a three-year-old girl,


Those stripes make me think of sherbet. Mmm!

and this one is large enough for an adult.

DSCN4601And there you have my first batch of crochet items for my 2015 Destashing through Giving tally:

for self/family: 1

for charity: 5

Bonus brag! Wouldn’t you know, most of the material for these hats had been tucked into the same storage bag, so I can actually share my first 2015 Messy to Classy photos now, too:


the whole overstuffed “before” bag


contents of “before” bag, spread out for viewing


…and the contents, “after.” (Yes, there’s now a second ball of fuchsia yarn. I swear I did not buy more! That’s from frogging out part of one of Tillie’s rectangles to get it down to children’s hat-sized.)


packed up again, “after.” Is that actually empty space in there now?!

Obviously I haven’t made it to the “classy” finish line yet on that particular storage bag, but I like the progress so far.

Check out what other reformed-Messies are up to on Preeti’s link party page here:

What are you working on lately, fellow crafters? Share your current project links, stories, and photos below.

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2 replies

  1. Those are very nice hats !!
    Thanks for posting about your crafting organization and linking to my party:)
    I have opened a January link and have copied the same under that.

    1. Thank you, Preeti! I’m excited about the project. My before/after pictures don’t show much lately (I’ve been working from multiple bags/boxes this time instead of just one), but you can bet I will be posting to your Messy to Classy link party again another few weeks down the line. I think it’s a great idea and good motivation!

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