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Forgotten Finish-off Friday

I’ve been spending some time sorting the hundreds of photos that have accumulated on my computer. Among the many keepers (as well as scores and scores of shots that are too dark, too blurry, too wrong-angled, or just uninteresting–delete!), I found some pictures of projects that I never got around to posting about. I guess now’s as good a time as any!

The oldest is this All-Shawl by Doris Chan. It was one of those projects defined by one delay after another. I’d started it in 2015, got sidetracked by other things repeatedly, and finally finished it (save for weaving the ends) last February. But then it got set aside again until May, when I finally the space, time, and weather conditions appropriate to fully wash, stretch, and block it. It wasn’t until then that I also got these photos:

It’s done in #1 mercerized cotton yarn/heavy thread which, if I’m honest, is a real bear to work with. It’s slippery and requires an iron grip to keep all the stitches from running away. But, wrist-killing properties aside, the finished fabric is gorgeous–smooth and even, with precise stitch definition that really shows off the lacy edging.

And let me just tell you, mercerized cotton produces a garment with a drape like water. I really love how it moves.

I chose the navy cotton thread because the larger plan was for this shawl to accessorize a summer-fall transitional sleeveless dress in a matching navy with a white floral design. Alas, I have not yet gotten around to sewing the dress, so I also haven’t worn the shawl. I guess despite posting these photos, then, this project is STILL not technically all the way finished!

Here’s another finish, this one only a few weeks old: a teeny-tiny lamb hat:

This project was a super-quick finish, especially compared to the shawl above. The idea of making a lamb hat for the new baby came from an offhand conversation–there was not a lot of planning involved, just a slightly idle maybe-I-could-find-a-pattern-online search.

Up popped the Repeat Crafter Me lamb hat pattern, which is cute and straightforward and just happened to work perfectly with a full ball of cream-colored worsted weight and some smaller bits of pink I had left over from previous projects.

I started the hat on a Saturday morning and by early Monday, I was sending it along to the baby’s family. Done and done, in super-cute fashion.

One last photo that unexpectedly turned up in my archive purge. We visited the big local Christmas display in December, and in this cropped-down shot, in the background behind Santa’s chair, you can just barely see a big mechanical doll in a fancy pink dress.

That would be this dress, which came off my sewing list a few years ago:

doll dress skirt front

So it seems the dress is holding up well three years later, despite the hot display lighting and less-than-ideal off-season storage conditions. I am going to call that a win. 🙂

Yarn, thread, sewing–what are you up to, crafters?

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