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I’ve been hard at work on the second of the mechanical doll dresses, the fraternal twin of the one I wrote about when I last haunted my blog. I can only do a little teeny piece of work before I have to pack it all up again and vacate the dining room table, though, so it’s slow going. I’m starting to feel the pinch of my “before fall” deadline. I NEED to get this finished off once and for all–and in fact I do expect to be done by the end of next week.

But in the meantime, I have those weird moments of itchy-handed limbo. You know, the three minutes between putting a pot on to boil, and adding the pasta; or the twenty between checking in my kids for teeth cleaning, and signing the insurance form afterward. And I’m restless, so out come the quick, not-so-space-consuming little projects. The things I can feel OK about doing because they’re practical and mostly just use up scraps that I’d otherwise have to find room to store.

There’ve been a few knitted and crocheted dishcloths,


I was disappointed the yarn ran out so far from the end of this one, but mismatched is good enough where my own kitchen is concerned.


…and then on others, scraps of this and that work together just fine.



a single fancy one, just for something a little different (pattern here)

Then I knocked off a bunch of these:


In my hands, scrubbies are always, always, always made of scraps, so odd color combinations are the norm. Even so, they don’t usually come out quite so wackily mismatched as this bunch did. Whatever. Coordinating colors are not a requirement for getting pots clean.

I’ve also had a curious longing this past week. I NEEDED to make a hat.

I don’t know why on earth that should happen in August’s 90-degree conditions. But happen, it did. And once the hat bug bites, it’s hard to stop scratching.


I guess it was the yarn surprises that kept me going past one. For the first hat, I had no idea what the yarn would look like stitched up. I figured it would end up sort of mottled, but instead, it was pretty regular. Crazy! My husband said it reminded him of ice cream. Mmm…neapolitan?


Then this yarn. I figured it might do something like the neapolitan did, but instead, it reminds me of camo–but a girlie version.


And the last (so far) was just a matter of rooting through the bin and deciding I liked a few colors together. It needs an orange pompon on top, too, I think. Note to self…P1070829

It seems a lot of the crafters who posted this week at Nicole’s weekly craft link party are being a lot more disciplined about their making than I am lately. I’m not complaining, though. It’s fun either way.

So…what’s your go-to project when you have not much time or space to work with but that “gotta make SOMETHING” itch?


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