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It has been a pleasantly productive past week! During my search for the missing pattern book, I turned up clothes, shoes, games, and books we’ve outgrown or replaced. A nice fat drop-off at the local thrift shop followed.

…and you know how that goes. A closet purge feels good, so I rode that momentum and finished up a few projects I’d let sit around incomplete far too long–which, incidentally, also had been squirreled away at the backs of closets and bottoms of bins.

Squirreled, no more!

There was some very ordinary stuff, minor mending and alterations, which put three pairs of pants and a nightgown back into rotation. Done and done.

But there were more exciting (and more bloggable) things, too! While the sewing machine was still out, I finally finished this table runner:


Okay, technically, I’m using it as a piano runner. But still–it came out better than I’d hoped. I love it! (The whole reason I started this project was that a friend sent me a link to this video, which shows a quickie quilting technique I found so ingenius I just had to try it myself. You’ve been warned.) Instead of buying a new jelly roll, I made my quilt top entirely of scraps left over from sewing kids’ Halloween costumes. It’s a family quilt that way–kids, and the cat is even in there, too. The backing is cut from the perfectly intact center panel of some drapes Bad Kitty foreshortened during a feline climbing fit. Lemons into lemonade, right?


That runner was roughly an 18-month project, start to finish. Still, it’s not as old as another project I finished off last week–these trivets, which I first wrote about a little more than three years ago:


Actually, that’s half true. I’d finished one of them right away, packed it back in the project bag so I could use it as a model for finishing the second…then forgot about them both. Double DUH!

Not today, but I may mention these trivets again and share some directions/pattern another time. They use some unusual materials. Do you see what’s inside?


But! My biggest progress over the last week was this:


Yes, I’ve finally, finally found the motiviation to join all those baby granny squares I’ve written about over and over and over again since 2013.

Part of my procrastination was indecision. I knew I didn’t want a loose, lacy join like I’d used on my large-squared afghan. These baby granny squares were already pretty airy and needed a firmer frame, I thought.

I finally settled on one of the continuous joins, mainly because I’d had it up to THERE with lots of little ends to weave in. (Psst. Here’s a really good tutorial with excellent photos that make it perfectly clear. Thanks, Heather!) I know I will use this technique again. Not only are there only two ends to weave, this join also goes surprisingly fast.


With them all joined neatly now, I’ve begun adding a border. And soon as that’s done–as I’ve said before–all I will need is a Friend or Relative’s Future Baby to whom to gift it.

Meantime, I have a full to-do list. There are still more recently-unearthed Unfinished Projects in my sights. I’m excited to get these items out of hiding and make them useful as they were meant to be.

Popping in to Nicole’s now to see what other great projects are going on in blogland. Join me?

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