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End of the frenzy (for now)

For whatever reason, the odd compulsion to MAKE HATS was still with me this past week.


After the first wave of August (?!) hats, and especially that brightly striped one, I had another color combination idea. This hat was the result.


‘Course, I always was a sucker for navy blue, but I really, really like this one! Both yarns are Deborah Norville Everyday leftovers from an afghan crochet-along project nearly two years ago. The best thing about these yarns? They’re acrylic, so the hat is easy-care machine washable, but the DN yarns are also super soft. They don’t have that stiffness or scratchiness often characteristic of acrylic.

That done, I got curious about another leftover yarn in my closet, this one a variegated from Tillie’s stash. From it came another camo-style hat, this time in older boy color and size.


And finally, there had to be a girl hat in the mix as well. Something fun…something purple…with a bow. Yeah, that’s the ticket!


And with that, it seems for the moment I’ve reached the end of my hat frenzy. My attention turns back to the finishing stages of the second installment of Mechanical Doll Dress 2016. I’m actually not too very far from the end, now. I expect my next post will be this dress’s finish photos.


It’s a fun project, but it has a deadline, so finishing will be a WHEW for sure.

That’s it for me, but there are lots and lots of other crafts to check out over at Nicole’s and Ginny’s weekly link parties. Check them out!

So what’s on your project list lately? Drop a comment to share!

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