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crochet from TillieCatch up time! I mentioned last week that I’d done a few small projects recently. One of them was this group of things for a children’s winter clothes drive.

There’s a longer story in these hats and scarf. It started a little more than a year ago, not long before I opened this blog. Well, no. Actually it started years before I even knew anything about what would become Tillie’s stash.

Among Tillie’s reams of great patterns and glorious piles of yarns of every type were an assortment of unfinished projects. Some, I was able to figure out. A single baby bootie just needed a mate. Two scrap afghans, with patterns included, were maybe a third complete…but scraps with which to continue the work, plentiful. A stuffed toy lamb, also with pattern, had legs but nothing else, yet. These all will be finished in due time, pretty much in the manner Tillie intended.

But some others of Tillie’s incomplete pieces were less clear. There was a whole pile of rectangular panels, all worked in single crochet.

single crochet panelsSome were variegated, some solid. For a few colors, there was more than one panel. But not a single pair of panels was exactly the same dimension, though they are all within roughly two inches, length, width, or both, of each other.

I searched all of Tillie’s patterns, but I didn’t find anything that seemed to match whatever she had in progress here.

So I left the panels alone while I worked with other things. And then this month, along came a charity winter clothes drive at Daughter’s school–and finally a lightbulb came on.

Several of those panels were not too far off from the dimensions you get when you work this children’s hat pattern.

So hats, some of them became! All I had to do was frog a few extra rows, then add the back and top seams to each. After that, the work was done and it was just a matter of adding some fun embellishments.

boy's crochet hat

a contrasting border and pompom in nice, simple, un-frilly sc for a little boy

girl crochet hat

a few simple flowers scattered across the front of the cuff

crocheted hat in pink

a picot edging and a bouquet of spirals for a touch of girly whimsy

crochet hat

I think this one’s my favorite: a simple star-shaped flower dresses it up just a little, but nothing too over the top.

I still have half a dozen of Tillie’s unfinished panels left. I know exactly what I’m going to do with them next time we have a clothing drive! Regardless what she’d actually intended for these pieces, I really think Tillie would have been pleased to see her work used that way. It’s a win all around.

The final piece that went into the donation bag was this knit scarf.

knit scarf in pink heatherThis one might look familiar. It also was made of yarn that came from Tillie’s big stash. But by the time it was done, I still didn’t have a recipient in mind. It’s so, so soft–perfect color and texture for a little girl who doesn’t have one. Win-win again.

It was so satisfying knowing that Tillie’s work went to someone who really needed it instead of sitting here in my house, unused. And now I’m looking for my next crochet-or-knit for charity project! For one, if I ever get my timeline straight (missed this year again), I’ll do scarves for The Red Scarf Project. What about you? What charities do you recommend for donating handmade items?

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