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TheĀ Moogly crochet-along mystery has been revealed! But in my case, this mystery has an unorthodox twist.

DSCN9583Here’s a picture of the (almost) finished crochet-along project I mentioned in my last post. As written, the pattern produced a fish-shaped pouch–complete with tail fin and scales–just the right size to use for small kid’s toys or crayons. But as you can see, I never did put eyes on my fish according to the instructions. By the time I got done, it was no longer a fish at all.

My first alteration was innocent enough.

I’d originally planned to use a dark green as my Color A. But under lamplight, I couldn’t see what I was doing with that dark yarn. On Day (night) 1, I fumbled and strained, miscounted, frogged, and restarted the first four rounds four times before I gave up on the green. Sub in the much lighter, much less shadowy purplish rose. Progress at last!

So here’s what it looked like at the end of Day 1:


My husband guessed at this point that the mystery item would turn out to be a beer cozy. We tested that theory with an actual can. Nope, just a few stitches too wide. Besides, by the end of Day 2, that idea didn’t hold water (or beer) anyway. Here’s what it looked like then:


And then Day 3 came to an end, and the fish shape was clear. Very cute pattern!

But I had a problem with the eyes. The buttons I’d chosen were much too large. And as much as I like this shape, my colors just didn’t work. Yellow/orange, browns, grays, or blues would have been great, but pink and green and white? Not so fishy. Plus, the way the colors of my variegated yarn pooled, the definition between the fish’s scales got hidden.


Out with the eyes and in with a few ad lib changes. Instead of the tail fin, I closed the bottom of the bag with a round segment, then added a tassel.


I lengthened the drawstring and closed it in a continuous loop, then added a ruffle to the top edge.


The pattern’s crocheted eye segment (sans buttons) got repurposed as the center of new embellishment. The star shape plus the curly scraps of rose yarn at the center sort of remind me of passionflower.


Ta-da! A drawstring evening bag just the right size for keys, a small wallet, some Tic Tacs, maybe a pair of opera glasses.


I guess I’m just a shameless tinkerer. Probably 8 out of 10 patterns I use, I make some change or other (in addition to sizing adjustments, no less). It must be the the same gene that drives me to be a proofreader/editor by day. I just can’t stop myself.

Ah, well. Doesn’t matter. I like how this bag turned out. Better yet, I had a whole lot of fun doing a project along with others, seeing their comments, questions, and photos along the way. This was my first crochet-along, but I bet it won’t be my last!

Fellow crafters, share a link to a picture of your favorite crochet-along (or knit-along, or quilt-along…) results!

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