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…and the second one is finished!

The second of this year’s new mechanical doll dresses is done!


The interesting thing is what a big difference the details make. I cut this dress and its fraternal twin that was finished last month from the same pattern pieces. They’re just put together differently. One has regular pleats at the waist and sleeves; the other has gathers.The first had contrasting color pieces as part of the main dress; the second has add-ons to contrast with the main body. (I don’t know what you call this design element in actual fashion terms, but in my mind I’ve referred to it as a hip swag. Anyone know?)


And of course there’s the fact that they’re finished with very different trims.


Now if you’ve been following my progress on the second dress, you might recall that I swore to have it done no later than a week ago. And in fact, I did. But believe it or not, dolls have fitting issues, too! As it turns out, the doll to whom this new frock belongs has an abnormally large head–so large the dress couldn’t be put over it. She’s also permanently mounted to a wide base, so she couldn’t “step” into it, either. So the dress came back to me for some alterations.

I admit I was very, very hesitant to do what clearly needed to be done to make the back opening wide enough to accommodate her huge noggin–that is, cut past he waist and deeper into the skirt, right through the center of that back panel.

Which, of course, would leave raw edges with not enough allowance to finish properly. So I did something maybe a little kooky. I used the buttonhole stitch setting on my sewing machine to bind those raw edges. Then I added a little flounce to cover up that ugly skirt slit. It attached neatly to the existing giant bustle bow, which was rather convenient.

the old bow:


the new (blech, poor lighting here–I swear it really is the same color!):


I have to say Fate must have been on my side here: The piece of leftover fabric that I used to make that flounce was almost precisely the size and dimension necessary. All I had to cut away were a couple of curves not bigger than my thumb. Almost zero waste!

More evidence of meant-to-be-ness: The new, wider opening required three more snaps. And there were exactly three snaps rolling around at the bottom of my notions box, no more, no less.

I have to believe that means–despite the little extra stress after what I thought was the end of the projects–that makes this a perfect dress.

Stitching friends, has this happened to you, too? Have you ever thought you were done, then had to make an unexpected change, and discovered you had not only a workable idea but exactly the right supplies on hand to make it happen? Please share!

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