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A second finished shawl!

Here it is, the second of the two shawls I started a few weeks ago, all bordered and bound off and even washed and blocked.


It’s low light and threatening to rain here, which is why the colors don’t look quite right. Just trust me on this–in person, this pale yellow yarn speckled with otherĀ  baby pastels worked up really nicely.


The pattern is Sunlight Shawl for Sad People. I stumbled across it while looking for something else, and the whole idea of “sunshine” fit neatly with this skein of unused yellow yarn from Tillie’s stash. Pair that with an upcoming need for a baby gift, and it seemed like fate.


How do you like that picot bind-off? It’s so simple and yet makes such a big difference. Before that fancy edge was in place, I worried a little that this yarn–which honestly is probably intended for afghan use–was making the design too blanket-y. But add border and suddenly, unmistakeably, it’s a shawl.


Unlike with the shawl I finished last week, this yarn didn’t shrink up on me, either. It blocked like I expect things to block–that is, somewhat larger than before washing. Perfect.


I found a little time to work on the doll dress sewing project a teeny bit over the weekend. That really should be my top weekend priority again this week, but then once I have some more solid progress done on that, here’s what I’m considering for my next yarny project.


(Oh, yes, you’ve seen that book before. I’d started it, then set it aside when a couple of books on my library waiting list arrived. Those are done, so I’m back to this. It’s one of the Puller investigative series.)

Hmm. That pile of yarn doesn’t tell you much, does it? Just a couple clues: This will also be for the same baby shower, but in this case it’s more of a gag gift. Well, a cutesy, actually usable gag gift. That green is for sure getting used in the joke present, and I haven’t quite decided which other color will go with it. I’m still narrowing down which pattern, too.

What’s coming up next on YOUR handmade gift list? Click on over to Ginny’s and Nicole’s–I bet we’ll both find some inspiration among this week’s entries!

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    1. Thank you, Karen! I’m just fascinated with shawls lately. Besides the two I just finished, I have another half dozen on my to-make list….

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