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A little catch-up

I spent a fair portion of the last two weeks scrambling madly with details of jobs that would be due just before I took two days off for a long weekend. (Isn’t something wrong with that equation? Two weeks of extra work to take two days off?)

The long and the short of it is, I didn’t blog. I did stitch and/or read for the half-hour before bed every night, though. And once we left, since my husband likes to do the driving, I also stitched and/or read during most of the travel hours.

The reading: I have several books moving right now, but this is my current favorite. It’s the third of a trilogy and I really had to wait for it. Only one local library had it, and only in e-book form, not my preferred (and more photogenic) paper format. But whatever. It’s finally in my hands and I’m enjoying every creepy word.


The stitching: My black and fuchsia shawl is far larger than it was when I introduced it. And that’s it for the pink. Now it’s all black from here to the end. I like this one more the farther along I get and can hardly wait to wear it.


Also, this is the second shawl-in-progress I mentioned last time but didn’t picture, also much bigger than it was two weeks ago.


My initial thought was for that second one to be a gift for a mother-to-be we know–a shawl that would be welcome come November when the baby’s due but light enough to double as a nursing drape, too. The yarn color (a full skein from Tillie’s bottomless stash) seemed just right for such a thing. Now I’m not so sure. The bigger it gets, the less shawl-y and more blanket-y it looks. See?


Once it’s done, I’ll decide whether to baby-gift it or just quietly slip it into my own drawer and make Future Mom a different one. I would not be at all opposed to wearing those soft pastels myself.

Also accomplished during the trip was a dishcloth with built-in kitchen scrubbie. It went directly from my finish-off to my mother-in-law’s kitchen without a picture, but last night I started this nearly identical one for myself. You get the idea. (Here’s the pattern–simple and fun.)


Better get another bit of real work in before I put my feet up for the night. But first…a quick click over to Nicole’s and Ginny’s to check out others’ projects. See you there!

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A wife and mom, a worker bee, a churchwoman, a reader, and a crafter. What more is there to know? :)

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  1. So many projects going on at the same time!! I hope you will have more time soon to finish them all – black/fuchsia shawl looks really beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Alina!

      I rarely have fewer than three things in progress–though I swear (really, really, this time I swear!) that once these shawls are done, I will start NO MORE NEW ANYTHING until at least two of my sewing UFOs are done.

      Of course, I’ve said that before….

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