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A different kind of project

a collection of The Workbasket magagzines

a portion of my The Workbasket collection, mostly from the late 1960s and 1970s

Remember all those issues of The Workbasket I inherited? It’s been a whole lot of fun riffling lazily through them, looking at pictures, sampling a few stitches of a pattern here and there, mentally planning which gift, for whom, I’d do with this and that pattern.

I could easily get lost in this kind of reading for a long, long time. And with everything else I have going on, I can’t afford to spend a long, long time on much of any one thing.

That’s the trouble with browsing for patterns. Instead of finding what I need all at once, I end up getting sidetracked in everything else that crosses my line of vision on the way. I get lots of unfinished (sometimes unstarted, even) future plans, and little or no progress on the current project.

So I decided I needed a simple index. With the help of Excel and the table of contents from just 5 or 6 issues a day (that much wasn’t so time-consuming that it became a burden), it wasn’t difficult to do.

I printed out the index twice, once with entries sorted by craft type (knit, embroidery, quilting, sewing, or crochet), and a second time sorted by product type (woman, unisex, household, baby, etc.).

my The Workbasket pattern indexI know that sounds like a whole lot of OCD behavior (and maybe it is), but I’ve already found my new index helpful. When I decided I wanted to make a sleeveless sweater, I found a pattern for one in no time at all.


That took care of all the Workbasket patterns. I keep all my patterns printed from online in one three-ring binder, so they’re accounted for, too. But there are still lots of others around here that aren’t as neat and accessible. So, tell me: With magazines, books, clippings, etc. all in the mix, how do you keep YOUR patterns organized?

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