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A colorful challenge

So, so much has been happening since I last posted almost a month ago–the usual busy family things and frantic work things, but also lots of projects.

First, I finished crocheting the girl baby blanket I’d written about last month, granny squares, joining, border and all. This weekend looks to be good conditions for getting both that and the boy baby blanket before it (uh, I guess I never mentioned I finished that in October after more than three years?) washed and blocked. That should also be a good opportunity for some proper finish photos. 🙂

Halloween was in the month’s mix, too, which always means a creative challenge or two. This year was a sewing puzzle. What Kid and Company asked for meant working pretty far outside the assistance of any standard pattern. But, the final results were lots of fun for the under-10 set! Here’s a much-cropped-to-preserve-anonymity view of the most complex of the costumes:


And then while I had the machine out, I also knocked off a small stack of mending that had been sitting around. Done and done.

Finally, I’ve had an idea for a very special pair of gift hats knocking around in my head for well over two months. That back-burner method of pinning down details is slow, but it does work. Last week I committed the plan to paper began the stitching. Color!


This is my first attempt at any kind of colorwork besides simple stripes, and I am so pleased with how it’s working out so far.


Looky here, even the back side is fairly consistent (so far):


It’s also my first attempt at charting Fair Isle (not exactly, but perhaps Fair Isle’s first cousin). I have to say I really enjoyed the color/pattern planning. I plotted 15 different rough designs before selecting and tweaking this one to fit the stitch count the hat requires. More of those details in another post, I’m sure.

I’ve actually gotten in a few more rounds since I took those photos, so I’m now past the small colorwork section. The rest of the hat will be solid red, a simple Leisure Arts pattern I’ve used several times before so it should fly pretty quickly. And then on to the second hat of the pair.

In sum: Adventures old and new, and every one of them interesting and satisfying! What stitching adventures are YOU taking right now? Leave a link to your craft updates, and then let’s goggle over more projects at Nicole’s weekly craft link party.

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    1. Thank you, Pradeepa! I’m having a good time with this project (one hat down, two more to go), experimenting and learning a ton about my personal knitting preferences, too. I didn’t realize before that I was so finicky as to have “personal knitting preferences,” actually….

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