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A change in the map, but still moving forward

Remember my first colorwork hat? I finished it. Even on schedule!

knit hat with stranded colorwork

But then I looked at the calendar and wanted to have a little gift for my niece in the mail soon, so instead of moving directly along to that first hat’s soulmate, I took a detour and started a different colorwork pattern. Here’s where I am on the new little-girl hat:



I can hardly believe how long it took me to properly get this one started. At some point during that first hat, I’d started using magic loop, which I found to be a little slow but gave me absolutely no laddering, which is something I’ve never been able to avoid when using multiple double-points. I tried to do that again for this hat, but I could not make magic loop work on the smaller circumference. I started but ripped back to the beginning four times (!). I tried it a fifth time on double-points and still couldn’t get going right. I finally just cast on to ordinary straight needles. I don’t like that I’ll have to seam later, but for Pete’s sake, it was time to make progress.

Of course, when it came time to begin the colorwork, 2-needle stockinette means using purl rows and following the chart in two directions–in other words, an entirely different rhythm than I had in the round with the first hat. So, long story short, though I am pleased with how it’s working so far (this time), this hat is moving much more slowly. But it’s going to be done RIGHT, doggone it.

Meantime, I did finally get both finished crocheted baby blankets washed and ready to give away. In the end I decided not to block because a) they’re machine-care acrylic, so why complicate things,  b) I hoped tumble-drying would fluff the slightly thinner yarns in the mix, and c) let’s be honest here–they’re baby blankets, which means machine laundry for sleep-deprived parents, right from the start. I don’t want the blankets to be more crisp and perfectly square when they’re given than they will after they’re used by actual babies.

boy and girl crocheted granny-square blankets

a fluffy pair stacked together


crocheted granny-square blanket for baby boy

At 40 squares, the boy blanket turned out juuuuuuust slightly bigger than I could fit clearly in the camera frame even when I stood on a chair.


border of granny square blanket for baby boy

for the border, a flat 4-round finish without any laciness


granny square blanket for baby girl

I ran out of girl-colored yarns at only 30 squares, but the joining and border yarn for this blanket is slightly bulkier than in the boy version, so the complete blanket still came out to a good baby size.


border of granny square blanket for baby girl

simple picot instead of a flat finish this time, which added yet a smidge more size as well as a girlie flourish

I’m so happy Tillie’s long-saved baby yarns now have been used instead of sitting around in my closet. I think she and my grandma would both have been pleased with these finishes.

Have a happy weekend, with or without the stitching!

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