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A baby update

Baby blanket, that is. (Gotcha, didn’t I?)

I stopped in to a local thrift shop a couple weeks back. While I did not find what I was looking for, a shelf full of craft supplies caught my attention. Among the jumble was a bag containing a large piece of crocheted fabric with a small amount of unworked yarn still attached, plus the hook. Someone had tucked a handwritten note inside the bag: “Please, finish me!”

It was the cleverest, most irresistable kind of marketing. I happily spent 1.50 to take my treasure home.

Of course, the bag having been stapled shut, I didn’t know until after I got home that the fabric inside was…something…unidentifiable. Folded inside the bag, it had appeared to be either square or rectangular. Unfolded, though, it was not flat-edged. There were pronounced increases on both sides, staggered, and not at equal intervals.

I couldn’t tell whether those points and curves were accidental or intentional. And if intentional, I had no clue what item this piece was supposed to eventually have become.

So. I sacrificed all those hours of someone else’s labor. I picked up the end of the unworked yarn and started restitching the whole thing, backward, into the simplest kind of baby blanket, a giant granny square.

What I had assumed to be a “little” project, then, was not a quick finish. But it was about two skeins of yarn plus a hook, no longer homeless, and a lot of fun to do. I mean, granny square and pretty colors. What’s to complain about? So I’m still calling this 1.50 find a bargain!

I’m not calling it done, though. The photos above were taken about a week ago. Since then I’ve reached the end of the thrift-shop yarn, about 6 inches short of a complete round. I’ll need to sort through my closet for yarn of a close enough match to complete that round. And then the whole thing needs a nice border. It’s clearly a girl blanket, so I’m thinking the border should be a wave or a ruffle. More photos to come at the final finish!

In other baby blanket news, I attended a shower last week. It was a boatload of fun–the theme was storybooks, and there was a ton of book-themed food and games. I came bearing my picture-book gifts wrapped up in this crocheted blanket:

If that looks familiar, you’ve got a good eye! I finished it a couple months ago, and it has finally gotten settled into a perfect home.

Have you, too, made an interesting thrift-store find recently? How have you repurposed or reclaimed missized, misshapen, or otherwise “mysterious” unfinished projects? And what’s your favorite baby blanket pattern? Do tell me your stories!

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